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mex'e man

2009-04-20 04:40:37 by globdecitus

Sorry i haven't posted in a while, but i haven't had shit to talk about. But now i do!!!, i am working on a game with my brother, it will be called mex'e man. It should be released by the end of the year, hopefully it turns out well. It is a bout healthy foods that invade mexico and a burrito wielding mexican must save the day and help return the population of mexico to partying all night, drinking tequila and eating burrito's. It's gunna be a platformer with three similarly themed zones per level, and such enemies as sushi, apples, pears, milk and wholemeal toast.

Goodnight NGers.


2008-11-21 17:21:45 by globdecitus

lately, i have been somewhat pissed off. a small while ago, i joined about five collabs, i worked quite hard on my pieces, and not to blow my own trumpet here, i think they were fairly good, and yet, not a single one of these came to fruition. what the hell! if you are planning on starting a collab, at least have the goddamn dedication to finish it. that is all, good night ng.


2008-02-26 16:19:14 by globdecitus